BOOK CLUB We meet once a month or so in our reading room for our book club and discussion group sharing ideas and healings gained through reading “Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures”. Check out this book club link to find out more.

OTHER TALKS AND EVENTS: Each year we sponsor at least one public talk about Christian Science. Here are some upcoming local talks and events:

Events in the UK


We recently hosted a Reading Room table at the May Fair in Richmond on May 14th 2016. It was great to meet some of our Richmond neighbours and chat to people about Christian Science.

LECTURES We recently hosted and sponsored a programme of two free public lectures

Church-1-webMONDAY MAY 16th 2016- 7.30PM  Nate Frederick CS gave a great lecture “Learn to Pray and Heal- a Spiritual Adventure”.  It explored the how-to of spiritual healing. Learning to have more faith in Life, understanding God as Love itself, and express Love in a way that heals.

You can listen again online to this lecture here:




Church-2-WebTHURSDAY JUNE 16th 2016 – 7.30PM  Tony Lobl CS gave a lecture “Mary Baker Eddy’s Legacy: 150 Years of Practical Spirituality”. It will be held in the Church Building.  150 years ago a profound, Bible-inspired, spiritual insight resulted in the sudden recovery of Mary Baker Eddy from injuries expected to be fatal. The insight was preceded and followed by a wholehearted quest to find the relationship between spiritual well-being and practical well-being, which led to her becoming an active and successful healer. She also taught and eventually published her ideas in ‘Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures’. Tony is just one of many who have experienced Christian Science healing, and his talk develops the theme of the impact of Eddy’s ideas.