What is Christian Science?

We trust in one God, Love – all good, and all-loving.

We understand Divine Love to be unfolding each one of us as good and loving. We believe that each of us is the image and likeness of God, all good (Genesis 1) and reflects this all-loving divine Creator, in beautiful, unlimited, wonderful ways.

Our Church is based on the teachings and practice of Christian Science.

We trust in a law of spiritual harmony undergirding the universe and find that as we learn to understand this spiritual reality better, so it is reflected in our lives.

Through readings, fellowship, sharing experiences, and a brotherly care for each other, we encourage each other to break from limited thinking and living and to look out from God, Spirit.  We believe that heaven is not far off but is within us and all around.

Our readings, sharings and experiences demonstrate the possibility and practicality of God being stronger and more influential than materiality, which seems to be the god of our time.  We’ve found that starting with the real God–Love, Life and Truth itself– is the only solution for lasting joy and health.

We find that healing, comfort and practical solutions are the natural outcome of our communion with and understanding of God.

We follow and practice the teachings of Christian Science. It’s teachings are set forth in “Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures” by Mary Baker Eddy and we study it in conjunction with our study of the inspired word of the Bible.

Mary Baker Eddy intended “Science and Health” to be a guidebook on practical spirituality for anyone, regardless of circumstance, religion, culture, occupation, education or age. It explains universal spiritual laws that, when understood and applied, bring comfort, transformation and healing. It continues to be one of the most effective and enduring books on spirituality and healing. Find out more about this book and read it for yourself at www.christianscience.com.

We explore what Christ Jesus taught.  We see Christ as the son of God, and Jesus as the most clear example of Christ (God’s idea) that ever lived.  We strive to be Christ- like, and to understand and put into practice his profound teachings on compassion, non-judgement, healing prayer, and particularly the Sermon on the Mount.

Healing Practice

Christian Science teaches us how to heal spiritually.  Experienced Christian Science Practitioners, or spiritual healers, are available to whom you can turn at a time of need, 24 hours a day. Take a look at our Healing page to find out more and contact a practitioner.

However, when you visit our Church, or Reading Room, please don’t hesitate to talk to a member about healing, as we love to share spiritual ideas and to help each other on our spiritual journeys.